A Sacred and Safe Space to Learn

Spiritual Healing and Coaching

Discover your path to embracing your humanity and wholeness

Our Current Human Dilemma...

Our true intentions, ethics and values reflect our core soul essence, but they often take a back seat to our daily responsibilities, struggles and fears. In our busy lives, our true selves often get lost. We find ourselves spinning our wheels, taking action that we think will get us where we want to be. In the process, we create masks to shield ourselves from potential pain and disappointments.  While the human condition often creates fears, doubts, confusion, personal insecurity and discomfort with the unknown. The irony is, in our resistance of what is painful, in our struggle for perfection, acceptance and idealistic relationships, our personal history and defenses just hold us back. Our masks and automatic behaviors keep us from consciously living peaceful, joyful and enriching lives.

We can learn to live authentic lives...

The truth of our humanness is that we can break out of our "automatic mode" and live fully and consciously from our already existing wholeness and heart.  When we learn to be fully present and conscious we are able to experience the divine in every moment, interaction and circumstance.We are capable of "feeling" our true interconnectedness to all beings, and finding a stillness and peacefulness that allows us to enter into the greatest clarity of self-knowing and our connection to humanity. We are able to live "the best version of ourselves" that we can ever imagine.

The journey of discovery is both unique and sacred. It is a process that seeks to bring us back into our inherent wholeness – the beauty and light within each of us so we can live with peace, compassion and clarity.  By exploring our personal beliefs, the dilemma’s that exist in our life, and our current relationship with our own history, life expectations and spirit, we actively embark on a journey of healing that allows us to live from our heart, our truth, and the recognition of our already existing wholeness.

Spiritual healing and coaching offers you a safe and sacred space for an ongoing exploration of your relationship to your self, the mystery in our lives, the fulfillment of your life’s mission and your connection to humanity.

Phone and/or skype sessions are offered for those who are out of the area or unable to meet with me in person.



People who are drawn to the healing relationship are not seeking therapy, but are interested in working with an experienced professional who acts as a guide and facilitator. The relationship that is established between us is one of confidential, sacred and safe space. Anything you bring up to discuss or explore is never discussed outside of the healing and coaching relationship. You will be treated with integrity, warmth and compassion.

Therapy is an important healing process, and you may find it valuable as you continue on your journey. Healing, Coaching and therapy can be coordinated so that the healing process provides an additional support to the therapeutic process.