When people ask me, "What do you do?" My answer is, "I help people honor and celebrate their lives as they live from their authenticity and wholeness." This is the simplest way for me to express my passion for working with individuals, couples, and families in honoring and celebrating their life's path. My deepest belief is that each person has their own unique and sacred path and journey and as such, I honor and work with all affiliations, traditions, and beliefs.

As a life celebrant, officiant and interfaith minister, I am fortunate to be able to take part in and co-create with couples, families and/or individuals, unique ceremonies that honor, support and celebrate life's transitions.

As a healer, life and relationship coach and spiritual director, I facilitate and provide guidance for self-growth, healing and transformation for individuals, partner's and spouses and small groups. 

While many challenges have presented themselves in my life, I have always found a way to use my experience as a vehicle for learning, healing, celebrating and honoring my life's journey. This has led me to study various holistic approaches and spiritual pathways.

My credentials include graduation from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York, where I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister, graduation from A Society of Souls®, a four-year advanced spiritual healing program, and certifications in various holistic healing modalities. I hold a M.Ed. in human resource management from Cambridge College and a Bachelor's degree in education and psychology from Lesley College.

Since 1999, my focus has been as a celebrant, healer, teacher and coach where I have been able to draw on over 15 years of experience in executive, management, business and personal coaching. I am always willing to answer any questions people have about me.

LisaAnn DuKaten
Celebrant, Interfaith Minister, Holistic Healer
Board Member & Past President, Boston Wedding Group