A Sacred and Safe Space to Learn and Grow Together

“The journey to intimacy is unique and sacred. It is a process that seeks to bring us back into our inherent wholeness – the beauty and light within each of us so we can live in a loving partnership with peace, compassion and clarity.”

In entering into the relationship coaching, you are encouraged to explore the ways you are already effective in your communications, learn to identify and breakout of your automatic responses to each other which create barriers or difficulties for the ongoing relationship.

You will also explore tools and techniques that help you to deepen your capacity for listening, sharing and supporting one another in order to connect more fully from your heart and live a more loving, peaceful and connected life.

For couples interested in premarital counseling; the “Creating a Marriage/Partnership Vision…Beyond Premarital & couple Counseling© private workshop is the approach I often recommend. Read more.

Please note:

Relationship coaching works with the underlying premise that an individual, couple and/or pair is healthy and that with support, guidance and tools, can deepen and improve their relationships. If you are seeking help for an extremely damaged relationship, it is recommended that you seek the professional help of a couple counselor or therapist.