Creating a Marriage/Partnership Vision...Beyond Premarital & Couple Counseling©

Would you start a business without a business plan? Most of us would say "no". So why would you enter into the most important partnership of your life without a clear vision and plan for addressing growth and challenges? This private workshop is designed to be an interactive process in which you and your partner create a vision for the life you wish to build together.

Based upon a process of discerning your personal beliefs, values and commitments, you will work with skilled facilitators to design your own partnership vision. This will flow into you and your partner teaming-up to create a joint and unique marriage/partnership vision.

Who Should Consider this Workshop? Any couples in committed relationships who have a strong and healthy foundation but wish to bring conscious intention and focus into their daily lives. You do not need to be married, living together, or engaged, as long as you are interested in creating a foundation for a vibrant, strong and healthy relationship with a life partner.

Keeping Your Marriage/Partnership Vision Alive...Practical Tools for Living Your Vision© Visions are not static, they will change and shift as life circumstances arise and fall away. As you grow together in partnership, keeping your vision vibrant and alive requires an ongoing conscious approach to realignment of your beliefs, values and commitments through all the phases of your lives. This experiential workshop is a continuation of the visioning process where you will explore skills, tools and approaches to keeping your vision alive. Participation at a Visioning workshop with LisaAnn is a prerequisite for this workshop.

Workshop fees: $500 per couple, includes a light lunch
Discounted rate of $400 per couple applies for any couples who have, or are, utilizing my celebrant services

What People Are Saying:

"We had the incredible opportunity to participate in both of the workshops that LisaAnn offers. With LisaAnn's compassionate guidance we were able to create a marriage vision that reflected our values and our intentions. She skillfully struck just the right balance between allowing us to explore on our own and pushing us to broaden our horizons and to grow. Her grounded, calm demeanor and incredible base of knowledge allowed for a safe and open environment in which to work.'

"In the follow up workshop we were able to use our work from the first day and practice applying it to our day-to-day lives. Again LisaAnn’s compassion, support and intuition provided just the right kind of support for this process.

Our experience with LisaAnn was so valuable; we never imagined how much our work with her would impact our wedding ceremony, our relationship and our day-to-day lives."

--Brooke and Domenic
"My wife and I took part in LisaAnn's relationship workshop. At first I thought it sounded like counseling, but it was far from it. It was a great way to craft a shared foundation of purpose for our marriage, and create ways to help us live it and face the challenges any life together presents. Relationships don't come with handbooks, but this was a wonderful opportunity to craft our own! LisaAnn's methods are clear and rational, but also very personal. She spent the time to get to know us, and was able to help us see ourselves in the light of our union; in a way we hadn't before. The time between the first and second session was very helpful to become more conscious of our words. It's helped us not only strengthen what was already a healthy relationship, but it's given us a framework upon which we can build our future.

-- Jason Hart, Boston
"The marriage visioning process with LisaAnn was a transformative, revealing and fun process for us. LisaAnn's questions were provocative and encouraged us to ask each other questions about things we had not yet discovered or, that we assumed we already knew the answer to. With LisaAnn's guidance, we were excited to learn that many of our goals, values and beliefs mirrored each other; but it was the ones that didn't align right away that provided us an opportunity to get at the root of our beliefs and figure out how they might shape our long future together. We will cherish our pile of sticky notes and look forward to re-reading and re-writing them as we grow together as a married couple. We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with LisaAnn – the tools she taught us to communicate with have truly been life changing and for that, we are forever grateful."

-- Chris & Erin
"My husband and I worked with LisaAnn to create a marriage vision in the months before our wedding. Since we had been together for so long with so little conflict, we didn't feel that traditional premarital counseling was a good fit for us. But as the children of multiple divorces, we wanted to make sure our marriage was starting from a sound place.

With LisaAnn's patience, we explored the very foundation of our relationship and our core beliefs about marriage - creating our vision was an intimate, extremely powerful experience. The act of creating it brought us closer together and helped heal old wounds. Our vision not only anchored us during the occasionally overwhelming wedding planning process, it has had a profound effect on the way we live our lives. It has brought consciousness and kindness to our most mundane daily interactions and has helped guide us safely through many difficult moments. I am so grateful to LisaAnn for guiding us through this process and helping us to create a vision that's become so essential to our relationship. I honestly can't fathom getting married without having done this important work, and there is no better facilitator than LisaAnn."

-- Elizabeth Dayton, Boston
"Our marriage visioning process with LisaAnn was a wonderful and helpful experience. Before meeting with LisaAnn we felt that as a couple we already knew so much about one another and what our goals, values and beliefs were in our relationship. During the process LisaAnn asked us questions we don’t often ask ourselves, and in turn, we as a couple truly learned a deeper sense of who we were as individuals and together. This created a stronger unity between us and taught us lessons that we will use in our future together. We actually hung our completed marriage vision up in our home and look to it often, even before our big day. Just seeing the words alone on a daily basis help us to feel joy, love and unity with one another. We are so lucky to have meet LisaAnn –she helped us become more connected as soul-mates and has helped us so very much during this important moment in our lives."

--Sarah & David