Wedding Ceremony Author and Coach:

In the event that I am unavailable for your special day, and/or if you have a friend or family member you want to officiate, you are still able to work with me to co-create a very special ceremony. My commitment and process is the same as if I were officiating at your wedding. I also will spend time to coach your "day of officiant". Please feel free to call me with any questions.


"We couldn't have been happier with our experience with LisaAnn - she is an amazing person.

Early on in our wedding planning we knew that we wanted my fiance's best friend from college to be our officiant. We had ideas on what we would like to have in our wedding ceremony (religious/ spiritual aspects), but we were not sure how were going to go about creating our own ceremony. We reached out to LisaAnn to help us. From our initial meeting we could see/ feel the passion she has for the work and services she provides.

LisaAnn genuinely worked to get to know both myself and my fiance, not only as the individuals we were before we met each other, but also as the couple we had become during our courtship. Over the course of (at least) 6 sessions we worked with LisaAnn to create an initial draft of wedding ceremony, which we revised in subsequent meetings based on the feedback that we shared with each other. As we approached our big day LisaAnn hosted us and shared her expertise with us as she coached our officiant.

We can not thank LisaAnn enough for the work she did in helping us create such a great ceremony which was personalized to suit our personalities and aspirations. If you are looking to create your own ceremony we would recommend LisaAnn's services in helping you. As a part of her services she provides a keepsake book with a copy of your ceremony which is a perfect memento."